Interim president addresses enrollment and graduation rates

(THE PICKET) — Shepherd University will be exploring ways to keep students enrolled and ensure they graduate, according to Sylvia Manning, the interim president.

The 16-person panel is charged with serving as advocates for students in helping them locate resources, get questions answered and properly manage campus processes.

Manning had an email sent out earlier today announcing the panel and their primary focus, which is to improve student retention and degree completion.

According to the college scorecard, Shepherd University, with a student population of 4,054, has a graduation rate of 37.9 percent. Concord University, with a student population of 2,820, has a graduation rate of 35.8 percent. W.Va. State University has a student body of 3,347 and has a graduation rate of 17 percent.

Despite Shepherd having the highest completion rate compared to other in-state, public colleges of the same size, the graduation rate is still considered low because the national graduation rate is at 59 percent.

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