Ideas to Beat the Snow Daze

When you were a kid, having a snow day was so exciting! Surprisingly, for college students, things haven’t changed much. There is nothing like the joy students receive from getting a RAVE text letting them know about a cancellation. So, if you haven’t already decided to spend your snow day in bed munching on chips, here are some options for the perfect snow day.

  • Have a Snowball Fight

As a kid, snowball fights were the go-to game for snow days, but on a college campus, the game can be even more exciting. If you live in a dorm or suite, why not challenge each other? (Turner vs. Gardiner or Burkhart vs. Moler) Your teams can play in a capture the flag style or just have a classic snowball fight.

  • Have a Snowman Building Competition

Building a snowman is a creative activity for couples and friends. Find a perfect place to show the community your project. Another fun idea is to challenge other couples to a snowman competition. The point in building the snowman is to get creative. One creative idea could be to add food coloring and water into a bottle to create cool colors and designs for your snowman.

  • Baking

Yes, the holidays are over, but if you don’t like the cold then baking is the perfect activity. It’s fun to do with friends or as a couple because you get to share all the treats. Bake chocolate chip cookies, cake or make homemade pretzels. Stay warm and enjoy the comfort of sweet treats.

  • Sledding

Sleds are definitely within a college student’s budget! Sleds are cheap and so worth it to have around for a snow day. Just find a large hill, get a group of friends together and be ready for a good time. Mark Bean, a sophomore at Shepherd University, enjoys getting friends together and tying a sled to the back of his four-wheeler. He says, “It’s fun because it’s a challenge to stay on the sled.”

  • Watch Movies

After a day in the snow, it’s nice to come inside and watch a good movie. It is a perfect way to relax and spend time with friends. Colleen Callahan, a junior at Shepherd University, likes watching movies on Netflix with her boyfriend. She says, “We both love movies so it’s something fun we can do together.” Enjoy some popcorn and hot chocolate. Shh! The movie is starting!

  • Play a Board Game

Board games are perfect for bringing friends and family together. Games like Monopoly, Candy Land and Pay Day are perfect for snow days. If your friends don’t like board games, try Uno or Apples to Apples. The games get everyone talking and laughing, which is so important because most of the time students are so busy.

Snow days are a nice break from the stress of classes. Take the time to enjoy it, but also appreciate the people around you. Once your work is completed, don’t just lay around. Get outside and get active. You’re never too old to enjoy a snow day with friends and family.

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