Ice Cream Throwdown: Murphy’s Snack Shack VS. Nutters

It’s beginning to get hot outside in Shepherdstown, W.Va. What better way is there to cool down than with a cone of delicious ice cream? There are two nearby ice cream shops: the classic Nutters and the newer Murphy’s Snack Shack (previously Mountaineer Ice Cream). There can only be one winner in the Ice Cream Throwdown.



Nutters Ice Cream Shop is located in Sharpsburg, Md. It takes about eight minutes to drive there from campus and parking is located on the street. The shop is very quaint, with country-style decorations on the walls and the ladies who work there are as sweet as the dessert they serve. There are a few small tables inside, but it’s much more fun to sit on a bench or in the grass outside. Many local Shepherd students have been going to Nutters since they were children; the place is full of fond memories.

Murphy’s Snack Shack is located on Princess Street in Shepherdstown, a very quick walk for students. There is also a parking lot directly in front of the store. The inside of the shop is reminiscent of a 50s style soda fountain; the tall windows let in lots of light making the white walls, red tables, and tiled floor very bright. The workers are very friendly, offering tastes of the different ice creams and information about the shop.

Winner: Murphy’s



Nutters is famous for exceptionally cheap prices; you can have two huge scoops for $2.12! Nutters has two large freezers with about 20 to 30 different flavors including frozen yogurts. They sell all types of ice cream including soft serve, hand-dipped, milkshakes, sundaes, and snowballs. Try the Muddy Sneakers flavor!

Murphy’s pricing is comparable to Nutters at $2.81 for two big scoops. They also have around 20 to 30 different flavors and all of the ice cream options like shakes and sundaes. Murphy’s offers food as well, though, including hot dogs, sandwiches, and baked goods. If you stop by, try Coffee Toffee Crunch in a pretzel cone!

Winner: Murphy’s



Nutters has some of the best ice cream around, which is obviously why everyone loves to eat there. The hand-dipped ice cream is fantastically creamy and easy to scoop with a spoon; it’s almost like soft serve!

Murphy’s has wonderful ice cream that is made locally by Shenandoah Family Farm. The ice cream is tremendously thick and quite rich.

Winner: Nutters


Overall Winner: Murphy’s Snack Shack

Although Nutters is the classic ice cream experience in the local area, new guy Murphy’s is great as well. Murphy’s is easier to get to for Shepherd students and offers options for a meal as well as dessert. You can never have too much ice cream though! Everyone should make sure to visit both ice cream parlors this summer to beat the heat.

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