John Rickards proudly smiles next to Knutti as he shows off his headband.

Headband Monday featuring John Rickards

(THE PICKET) – John Rickards is a senior fitness exercise major at Shepherd University.

Q: How long have you been growing your hair out?

A: For about 2 months now.

Q: Why are you wearing a headband?

A: Just because I like long hair. I used to grow my hair out all of the time for baseball. I’m just wearing a headband because it keeps it out of my face. When I’m running or working out or something like that, it’s just nice to keep it out of my face. It’s not long enough yet to put in a man bun.

Q: Are you going to grow it out long enough to put into a man bun?

A: Possibly. I don’t know if my mom’s down with that, but it may happen.

Q: Did you get the headband idea from anywhere, or is it just something you decided to do?

A: I think my mom actually got me one as a joke when my hair started getting long. To her surprise, I started wearing it.

We love your style, John! Every Monday The Picket will be featuring a new guy on campus with a headband or man bun.

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