Wonder Woman and Batman costumes.

Halloween costumes, what’s your monster style?

(The Picket)-With Halloween fast approaching, the struggle to find the perfect costume is real.

If you like to stay caught up with the latest trends, television shows, or movies then the bestselling costumes of 2017 are for you.

Eleven costume for Netflix series Stranger Things.

The top five costumes are: Wonder-Woman, Rick from Rick and Morty, Eleven from Stranger Things, Pennywise from the recent remake of IT, and pretty much any character from Game of Thrones.

Rick and Morty costumes from TV show Adventures of Rick and Morty.

If you prefer costumes that will draw attention and make your friends laugh. you could try to recreate your favorite meme, dress as a poop emoji, or try the presidential piggyback costume.

Presidential piggyback costume
Poop emoji costume

If your preferred style is humorous, but you want to be punny there’s options for you too.

You could use sayings such as ‘holy cow’ to create a punny costume, you could dress as “devil” eggs, you could dress as a cat and have the word ‘copy’ on your shirt, or you could dress as a doctor and have your nametag read ‘Pepper’. Dr. Pepper, get it?

Renaissance/Medieval costumes perfect for any Sanderson Sister or Game of Thrones Fan.

If you prefer throwbacks costumes then dress as anyone from Harry Potter, the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, anyone from Lord of the Rings, someone from Star Wars, or get your friends together and dress as a 90’s boyband.

Harry Potter Costumes

If you want to stay true to the Halloween classics then dress as a ghost, as Frankenstein, a vampire, a zombie, or a werewolf.

Dragon and Bear onesies at Walmart.

If you don’t have the money to find the perfect costume then you could buy a onesie from Walmart for only 20 dollars.

Care Bear and Kangaroo Onesies at Walmart.
Chebacca and Raccoon onesies at Walmart.

The onesie selection is vast and has costumes ranging from unicorns, Winnie the Pooh characters, and Star Wars characters to minions, raccoons, cowboys, and The Little Mermaid.

Winnie The Pooh onesies at Walmart.
Rainbow Zebra and Super Mario onesies at Walmart.

If you prefer to create your own costume you could aim for easy looks such as a cat or a witch or more detailed and complicated looks such as Moana or a Pokemon.

Poke Ball Dress costume

Whatever you decide to dress as this Halloween, own your look and get your Monster Mash on.

Megan Hughart is a Staff Writer for the Picket, she can be reached at: MHUGHA01@rams.shepherd.edu

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