Getting To Know Chloe Raines

Chloe Raines is a junior chemistry and biology major at Shepherd University. She competes on the women’s tennis team and is a local product as she is a graduate of Mussleman High School. Recently, Raines took some time out of her busy schedule and answered some questions.

Q: What are you looking forward to next season?

A: It will be my senior year, so I’m looking forward to that. A lot of the girls I came in with will be seniors, so there’s that. We played against each other in high school but will go out together.

Q: Where do you like to eat on campus?

A: I do like the dining hall, and I also like the Wellness Café, especially now that they can cook so fast! The Ram’s Den is good on Thursday; they have the Cobb chicken salad.

Q: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A: Baking cupcakes! I love hanging out with my awesome friends, both of whom are on and off campus. I also enjoy spending time with my roommates and teammates.

Q: As an athlete, what are the advantages to living on campus?

A: It is much more convenient considering we have practice every day. If I forget something, I can get it, no problem. Plus, it is close to the Wellness Center during the off season.

Q: How demanding is your schedule considering your school work and athletics?

A: Very demanding. I’m always in the library. I’m taking 19 credit hours, plus I work 15 hours a week.

Q: Next year, you will be a senior. How do you plan on establishing yourself as a team leader?

A: Our team is already very close. We hang out a lot outside of tennis. We have a lot of different girls on the team, and we all bring something different to the table. All I can do is give 100 percent.

Q: What are you expecting out of the spring season?

A: I’m expecting us to spend a lot of time fixing things—a lot of little things. It’s nice; we can focus on our own individual skills.

Q: What are two big post-college goals of yours?

A: In the long run, I want to go to Shenandoah and become a physician’s assistant and specialize in pediatrics. I also want to make lots of people happy.

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