Frederick’s Downtown is Bustling Yet Again

Frederick, M.D., – Frederick is offering ways to accommodate nightlife yet again while still maintaining methods put in place at the beginning of the pandemic. On Saturday, April 10, 2021, I went through downtown to see how these measures are working, as well as how nightlife operates in COVID times. 

A view from atop one of the main parking garages in downtown Frederick shows the “Welcome to Frederick Maryland” sign as well as the town’s lights in the distance.

The street below the parking garage shows a peek into downtown Frederick’s Saturday nightlife with bright colors and groups of people. Tattoo shops, restaurants, and more are open but only allow certain numbers of people in at a time. Barricades, as seen in the photo in front of the colorful storefronts, are placed so that there is more space for people to walk along the sidewalk as well as to provide outdoor seating opportunities for restaurants.

Further down the strip shows how illuminated downtown Frederick is. Most people are in smaller groups between two to four, though there have also been larger groups.

A walkway along a stream is a great area for couples to stroll outside of the highly concentrated main strip. Residential apartment buildings line the opposite side of the stream.

People talk in front of a new art installation on the side of a building in downtown Frederick. There are hidden gems throughout downtown where large groups of people don’t overpopulate. As seen in this photo, not all people out and about are following the regulation of wearing a mask that is posted throughout downtown.

The opposite side of the stream of the apartments is home to numerous locations to get food. Tables are set up outside to give customers the ability to eat while socially distanced.

The view from atop a bridge over the stream shows the difference between the opposing sides. To the left is an empty, residential area and on the right are the restaurants and shops. Due to the late hour, not many people are out on the right, though those who maintain social distancing and are in small groups.

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