Focusing in on ADHD

According to Time magazine, a recent study done shows that ADHD levels have significantly increased.

This report is cause for concern not only for worried parents but also for college students and working adults. The study printed by Time shows that nearly 11 percent of children now suffer from ADHD, an almost 3 percent increase in just a few years since the report was last issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

These alarming numbers are scary for students and adults because, in many cases, ADHD is a lifelong struggle. Now that more children are being diagnosed, it means more students and peers will eventually be sharing a campus and working environment.

Plus, during a recent NPR interview, Dr. Russell Barkley stated that nearly 80 percent of all adults with ADHD have at least one other disorder. A person with ADHD can even sometimes be dealing with a more traumatizing issue such as a substance abuse problem.

According to the CDC, the study done in 2008 shows that West Virginia was on the higher end of the scale. Even though the average was only around 7 to 9 percent of children diagnosed with ADHD, West Virginia sat pretty at 11.1 percent. This number means that our state was already exceeding expectations, four years prior to when this ludicrous number started to make big headlines.

Since this state was the third highest state in 2008, though the specific numbers have not been released yet, it is probably safe to assume that West Virginia is much higher than 11 percent.

As far as the factors behind ADHD, there are many different reasons why an individual can be diagnosed with such a debilitating disorder. Some of the symptoms alone are exhausting. Anyone suffering from ADHD or that might suspect so should try to seek help immediately.

Mental health is essential and not something to take lightly, especially in college when schedules and assignments are so demanding.

Yet there does seem to be a controversial stigma that comes with the ADHD increase over the past few years. Though it truly may be no doubt that some individuals may be born with the disorder, perhaps other cases have been a direct result of other factors.

Just by taking a look at a few of the symptoms, it doesn’t take a psychologist to suggest that maybe the society we have created have influenced or worsened some of the mental illnesses individuals have.

Two of the symptoms listed by the CDC are not seeming to listen and having a hard time paying attention. With all of the high definition televisions, smart phones, tablets, computers, and mp3 players available today, it is no wonder that all of us haven’t been diagnosed with ADHD yet.

Everyone has that one friend who can’t put down the phone for more than a few seconds during dinner for fear of missing someone’s status update about the amazing life of Bran Flakes Button, who is actually the most boring person ever because he’s always on Facebook instead of actually living.

As a whole, the world that children live in today as opposed to a few decades ago is very different. Playing outside has almost been replaced by entirely by video games and Netflix series. Processed food is saturated with toxic chemicals, like Aspartame. So these are the consequences; it just takes time to learn them.

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