Students can now get carry out in the dining hall.

Dining Hall’s Meals-to-Go

(THE PICKET) – Students can now get carry out in the dining hall if they place their orders online at least two hours before pick up.

If students can’t plan that far in advance, they can head to the dining hall and then carry their food home.

Online orders can be placed at or students can email

“I didn’t know the dining hall had a takeout option,” said Aniya Saunders-Moseley, a sophomore nursing major. “This option is very beneficial to me, especially on my long days at campus.”

Brandy James, a sophomore nursing major, is ready to try this new service.

“I didn’t know you could order online at the dining hall,” James said. “I do this often for other restaurants when I’m in a hurry, so this is super convenient for me.”

In an effort to avoid Styrofoam, the dining hall has required all meals to be put in OZZI containers.

“I wanted to get away from Styrofoam and other environmentally unfriendly containers. People would just drop their containers after they were done eating,” said Scott Anderson, assistant director of dining services. “You could see what we had for a meal that day based upon the containers that were dropped on the way out.”

The containers can be bought for $5 at the cashier’s desk in the dining hall.

Fifteen-minute parking is also available next to the amphitheater for students to quickly come into the dining hall to grab their meal waiting to be picked up at the cashier desk.

“I wasn’t aware of this service,” said Kristen Nunn, a sophomore psychology major. “I think it’s a great idea for hungry people who are in a rush being able to grab and go.”

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