Dietician Available to Students and Staff

Jennifer Miller, Shepherd University’s resident dietitian, offers a host of services and advice for students and staff of Shepherd University.

Miller, who has been at Shepherd for the past two years, is available to all students and staff for free one-on-one appointments for nutrition counseling. In an interview with The Picket, Miller said this service would normally cost an individual up to “$100 an hour” with a registered dietitian.

Miller’s duties also include serving as “a liaison between students and the dining services.” She works with them regularly to assist in providing “healthier foods and meals and [to] answer nutrition-related questions.” Miller said she has also provided guest lectures in many classes dealing with nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Students are welcome to make an appointment with Miller for advice throughout the academic year. She indicated there are many reasons to visit, including if students are “considering making changes in their diet for better health, [to discuss] weight loss/gain, to help control a medical diagnosis, concerns about disordered eating or to even prevent college weight gain.” Additionally, athletes are encouraged to visit to “learn more about how what they are eating affects their performance.”

When asked what single piece of advice she believes to be the most helpful to students, Miller replied, “Do not skip meals, especially breakfast.” Further, she said, “Skipping meals is not a way to lose weight. It slows down your metabolism and messes with hormones and blood sugar, making students tired, unable to focus and can contribute to weight gain.”

Senior English major Diana Everhart called Miller’s services “great” and hopes students and staff take advantage of them.

Students or staff may make an appointment with Miller through email, Quick nutrition-related questions can also be emailed to her.

Miller has spent the last two years at Shepherd serving as campus dietitian and as an adjunct professor. She obtained her bachelor’s in science degree in nutrition from Penn State and completed a dietetic internship through the University of Delaware. She also works with Meritus Health in Hagerstown and is involved in several community-based organizations.

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