Campus safety is still a source of debate at weekly Student Government meetings

SHEPHERDSTOWN – Members of the event planning student group Program Board voiced concerns for the safety of students walking across campus late at night at the Student Government Association meeting Tuesday, Feb. 10.

During the meeting, many students said that they felt that if the Library and Rams Den are open later than the Pantran service runs, students who study in these locations late into the night are not offered a safe means of transportation across campus.

Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Thomas Segar said that the Pantran services have been extended in the past. “During finals last year we had the Pantran run later than usual,” Segar said. “The money for those extra hours came right out of my budget, and it adds up quickly.”

One potentially less costly alternative to extended Pantran hours suggested by Segar would include volunteers or Shepherd employees driving students around campus in the university owned vans, but there are no plans to act on this idea.

It was also discussed in the meeting that students can always contact the Shepherd University Police for an escort if they feel unsafe by dialing (304) 876-5202. Many of the students present said that they did not feel comfortable with this option as they did not want to inconvenience the police.

“That is nonsense,” said Segar. “The police will be making rounds anyways, it is not an inconvenience for them to pick you up. In fact, they would rather pick you up then have you walk afraid.”

Segar announced that SGA plans to meet with the Shepherd University Police on Monday, Feb. 16, to discuss campus safety initiatives.

Student Government meetings take place every Tuesday at 5 p.m. on the third floor of the Student Center.

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