Campus Events for Those Who Stay Over the Holidays

The majority of campus residents must vacate campus by 6 a.m. the Friday before Thanksgiving break, but some students who are living in the apartments are allowed to stay.

“All students living in the suites and residence halls must leave during the break because the dining hall is closed, and so the RAs and hall directors can have a break. By law, we can’t let students stay in the residence halls without RAs,” said senior business major Haley Carrell, who works for residence life. “Students who have signed a yearlong lease in the apartments can stay because they have kitchen, so they have a place to stay.”

Residence Life offices will be open during the break. “Most administration offices should have hours over the break, but there won’t be any Thanksgiving events. We get off on Wednesday,” Carrell said. “We didn’t last year.”

The student center and library will be open Monday through Wednesday during the break from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“The 24 hour room will be open the entire break as usual,” said Theresa Smith, the library’s public services manager.

Junior English education major and apartment resident Amanda Sampson spent her last Thanksgiving break on campus and said it was a bleak experience.

“Nothing happened on campus during Thanksgiving break. I didn’t even know that anything was open,” Sampson said. “The football team might have had practice, but other than that, I didn’t really see anyone or hear about any Thanksgiving events.”

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