Blind Date With a Book will take you on a journey without having to leave home. Photo Courtesy Scarborough Library

Blind Date with a Book

The Scarborough Library’s Blind Date with a Book took place Feb. 9 in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Lori Bernadro, library technical assistant, shared her enthusiasm about this event.

“I have been here 12 years, and it was a program before I started,” she said. “I believe that Nancy Cowherd [who was the assistant to the Dean until last year when she retired] was the one who started the Blind Date with a Book program.”

When asked how she feels about how the program has grown today, she said she is glad this program is still going on. She also spoke about the effects it has on students and other community members.

“They actually request it,” she said. “It is a lot of fun, especially during midterms to just stop by and read something for pleasure. I think it is alive and well.”

She agrees that this event has become popular with the students, but Lori added that it is popular among staff members as well.

“I think when we first started, there was more staff and community involvement. Now, I find more student involvement . . . It is still popular among the staff and there are still those that request it, but I am seeing growth in the students.”

When asked if there will be other events like Blind Date with a Book, Lori excitedly said yes.

“We are looking for all kinds of things! I know we have a Harriet Tubman 200th birthday celebration coming up, and there is going to be a little scavenger hunt and cupcakes.”

Lori ended the discussion by saying that the library is searching for ways to bring events for the student body and the community. The Scarborough Library on campus is always open to suggestions to help bring everyone together.

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