Chadwick Boseman plays the Superhero T’Challa in “Black Panther”, which was a big success in the box office it’s opening week. (Photo Courtesy of Matt Kennedy/Marvel Studios/Disney).

Black Panther shatter’s the box office for its opening weekend

The opening of Black Panther was a huge success.

Director Ryan Coogler was given a $200 million budget for the movie, and the inspiring film made $218 million the first weekend here in the U.S. alone.

The movie starts off with T’Challa ( Chadwick Boseman) returning to Wakanda, to be crowned king after his father died in Captain America Civil War. Wakanda is a mysterious nation in Africa, which is the most technologically advanced nation in the world.

The film has a super star cast featuring Michael B. Jordan playing the villain Killmonger, Lupita Nyong’o as T’Challa’s ex girlfriend, Forest Whitaker, and Angela Bassett playing the mom.

Black Panther was important because for the first time on the big screen, it was a black superhero. Boseman did a spectacular job playing the role, from the swagger he possessed in the film to how he played a great visual representation of how the Black Panther role in the comic books would look. This movie was more than a normal superhero Marvel movie, it was a cultural experience and was motivational for the minority community. To see such a cast loaded with well-established black actors and actresses is something that hasn’t been done in a Marvel movie or any superhero movie.

What made the film so special was its creativity to show the nation of Wakanda, and how their old principles and standards were holding up in today’s times. Wakanda attempts to keep its valuable source of Vibranium., the strongest metal in the universe, a secret to prevent other countries from trying to take it. Outside looking in, Wakanda looks like an third world country, because of its disguised force field.

The architecture was so mesmerizing, the setting made some scenes go from good to extraordinary. “The concept of an African story, with actors of African descent at the forefront, combined with the scale of modern franchise filmmaking, is something that hasn’t really been done before,” Coogler said to the Hollywood Reporter.

The movie will have you at the edge of your seat from start to finish especially with its multiple plot twists. The movie also hit on the political issue of an African nation being self -sufficient.

Another social aspect the movie hit on was how women were in such powerful roles, for example the General of Wakanda’s army was a female, and Letitia Wright who plays T’Challa’s sister is in charge of their science and technological advancements surrounding the country.

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