Junior pitcher Tara Hanson Credit: shepherdrams.com

Big changes for the softball team to prepare for the Spring season

SHEPHERDSTOWN- Shepherd Softball has been going through some big changes preparing for this season.

The team has been on a consistent schedule of practicing six days a week. Three of those days are dedicated to lifting and conditioning, with a mix of skill exercises.

Head Softball Coach Leslie Lopez is very excited for the next season to come.

Lopez said the team was focusing a lot on refining their pitching and defense.

“We have had a lot of good production during practice,” Lopez said, “We have been very consistent with improving our pitching and defense game.

When asked what the team was doing differently this year from last year, she specified that the team hired a new Pitching Coach.

“She has really helped the girls with their pitching consistency,” she said

Lopez is confident the team has a good chance with their conference due to the fact that a lot of other school have lost some of their strength with their senior players graduating.

With majority of the Shepherd Softball team being first and second year students, and only a few upper classmen, the team talent is fresh and ready to go.

“With a lot of the team being a young class, we have been performing team building exercises to build teamwork and chemistry,” she said.

With the team logging in many hours of practicing and skill focusing exercises, they hope to come out with a superior record compared to their 21-29 overall season last year.

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