Armed robbery investigation slows

SHEPHERDSTOWN – The investigation into the Dec. 1, 2014 armed robbery at University Heights Apartment complex has slowed because residents of the apartment who initially reported the incident have chosen not to participate in further interviews, according to Jefferson County Sheriff Peter Dougherty.

“We have tried to re-interview those in the residence but some after the initial reporting of the robbery have chosen not to participate,” Dougherty told The Picket in an email.

Sources close to the investigation reported that the six suspects wanted in connection to the crime where African-American males.

“The person that participated in the robbery were all wearing hooded sweatshirts, some but not all entered the residence in total darkness,” Dougherty said. “…not all of them entered the residence.”

The robbery was reported at the apartment of four Shepherd University baseball players and occurred at approximately 11:45 p.m. at the complex off Hensel Drive in Shepherdstown, according to the sheriff’s office.  No injuries were reported.

According to Brad Lewis, property manager at University Heights, in a Dec. 4 interview, the video footage at the complex was substantial at helping investigators.

“It was extremely incredible footage,” Lewis said.

Dougherty contradicted this and said that the photo images outside were not good and offered little value except giving the sheriff’s office better insight to the number of perpetrators.

“I can’t confirm the race of the suspects,” Dougherty said.

“Since not all the robbers went into the residence I can’t even confirm that all were males,” Dougherty said.

Three of the four residents are Shepherd University baseball players and returned to school and remain on the baseball roster, according to the Shepherd Rams baseball website.

“(The fourth player) is no longer on the roster because he is no longer enrolled at Shepherd,” B.J. Pomroy, director of athletics said. “I believe he left the team and university on completion of the fall semester.”

Dougherty confirmed that other agencies have been contacted to assist in the investigation, but would not elaborate.

“We don’t talk about what other agencies we have talked to during the investigation because we don’t want the bad guys to know where to hide,” Dougherty said.

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