A Review of “It Was All a Miss Understanding”

(THE PICKET) – It Was All a Miss Understanding is an original play by Shepherd University Student Julia Athey. If you missed the performance the transcript can be found in Sans Merci, Shepherd’s creative journal.  

The play starred Tess Congo as Miss Understanding, Deidre Morrison as Miss Direction, Adam Wilson as Nostradomus, and directed by Emily Womeldorff. 

The play began with the death of Miss Understanding. We then flashed back to beginning. All of the characters seemed fond of Miss Understanding, including Yasmine. Yasmine later gives Miss Understanding an apple as a token of friendship. We find out that Yasmine is in love with Notradomus, who in turn loves Miss Understanding. Then we are introduced to Miss Direction, who really didn’t serve much purpose other than to literally misdirect the audience with overly dramatic crying. The plot all comes together when Miss Understanding dies, presumably because of the poisoned apple. The final scene is Miss Understanding’s funeral. She comes back as a ghost and hears what everyone has to say about her after death, some nice, some less so.  

The excessive use of glitter and bright colors made the show a vibrant and exciting display. The extras may have been the most visually revealing as they seemed to reflect what the audience was thinking. Overall the play offered an interesting source of comic relief while giving a lively commentary on love and broken hearts.

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