Shepherd Students Speak Out About The Coronavirus

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va.,—In December 2019, the Coronavirus, officially named Covid-19 by the World Health Organization, was discovered in Wuhan, China. It has since then spread throughout Asia and Europe effecting over 84 countries including the United States.
According to the Center for Disease Control, there have been 99 confirmed cases, 10 deaths connected to the infection with at least 13 states reporting cases In the U.S.
In West Virginia there are currently three suspected cases of the virus, with one being sent to the CDC for testing, but there have been no confirmed cases as of the publication date of this article.
State School Superintendent Clayton Burch is quoted saying “The West Virginia Department of Education is working closely with the Governor’s office and the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources to ensure the school community is preparing for a potential Covid-19 outbreak.”
Students of Shepherd University were interviewed about how they felt about the virus and what measures they are taking to stay safe.
Social work major Julia Smith said that she is terrified of the virus, but holds comfort in the fact that there haven’t been any confirmed cases near her.
“If there was a confirmed case near me, I think I would try to avoid it at all costs, and carry Germ-X everywhere.” Smith said.
Smith also revealed that as a part of her curriculum for her major, she has to intern at a hospital this semester which makes her feel uneasy but talked about the precautions taken by the hospital to ensure everyone’s safety.
“Before I enter the room the patient must be medically cleared, meaning I would know if there were any precautions (such as wearing a gown and gloves) before entering the room.” Smith said.
Social work major Jessica Huber said that she isn’t worried about the virus at all.
“At first I was freaked out about the Coronavirus when news of it first hit the headlines. After doing my own research though, I found that the flu has killed more people than the coronavirus.” Huber said.
Huber in currently interning at a jail, but said that any inmates that are sick are sent to Medical which is in a completely separate part of the institution.

Below is a link to an information portal created by the state of West Virginia specifically for the Coronavirus and a second link to the CDC website which details the outbreak of the virus throughout the United States as a whole and is regularly updated Monday-Friday at Noon.


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