"Makayla Beam, a sophomore art education major keeps warm with a patterned blanket scarf and bright-colored anorak jacket."

Winter Fashion at Shepherd University

Winter is upon us at Shepherd University. The start of a new semester seems to have dragged a cold front in with it and with the cold weather came a modified sense of fashion across campus as students cope with sometimes-single digit temperatures.

Walk around any wintry college campus and one is bound to see the usual trends- duck boots, beanies, and thick winter jackets. Shepherd University students decided to share what they turn to beat the cold.

Senior history major, Valentina Youngwood, prepares for her daily trek across campus by knitting her own scarves, hats and socks. Youngwood also says layering is key for the temperature difference between the outdoors and classrooms.

Anthony Farris, a senior history major, also turns to layering during the winter.

“I usually wear like 10 layers, but I’m naturally cold,” Farris said. He also takes a more funky approach to winter fashion, sporting chunky sweaters from thrift stores such as Goodwill.

As a sophomore art education major, Makayla Beam prefers to mix fashion with practicality. Her favorite winter fashion pieces include puffy-sleeved sweaters, blanket scarves and boot socks.

Mya McAllister, a sophomore nursing major, takes a more practical approach.

“Whenever I go to sleep I wear my fuzzy pajama pants. I also wear Bear Paws and cardigans,” she said.

Junior social work major, Constant Amoa, on the other hand, seems unfazed by the cold front.

“I like to wear a hoodie and joggers,” he said.

Junior social work major, Constant Amoa, wears sweatshirts and joggers despite chilly temperatures.

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