Megan and Tory: What’s Next?

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va., – On July 12, 2020, famous rappers Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez, were hanging out with billionaire socialite Kylie Jenner, at her private pool party. Posts of the three at the pool were all over many social media outlets.

Fans were shocked to see the stars come together and were hoping to see some sort of collaboration between the three.

The excitement suddenly turned into confusion when early the next morning, TMZ reported, “Tory Lanez Arrested on Gun Charge… Ends Night out with Megan Thee Stallion”.

The story continued to inform the news that Tory was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle, and law enforcement had said that Megan had been bleeding from her foot after being cut from glass.

For days, fans questioned what really happened that night. It wasn’t until July 15, when Megan thee Stallion broke the silence on the situation and went to Instagram to “set the record straight” against all the narratives being posted.

Megan explained, “On Sunday morning, I suffered gunshot wounds, as a result of a crime that was committed against me and done with intention to physically harm me.”

The very next day news articles were released saying Lanez was accused of shooting Megan in the foot, following an altercation inside his vehicle Sunday morning.

Lanez began to receive backlash from fans, news outlets, and even peers. His Instagram following dropped.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) started an official investigation on the allegation of assault with a deadly weapon, and Lanez was their main target.

TMZ again reported, “If he’s charged for the shooting. The fact LAPD is investigating it as assault with a deadly weapon — as opposed to attempted homicide — could mean they, at least in theory, believe it was accidental.”

Law enforcement was having trouble prosecuting Lanez, because there was no witness willing to cooperate.

The following week, Megan was admitted into surgery to remove gunshot fragments from the back of her foot. Fans all over the world were standing by her as she went through this traumatic experience.

Shepherd student Marcus Twine said, “It is what it is , never really got into it, but the story is just crazy,” when asked about the shooting. 

Artists like 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, and others reached out with their support and wished Megan a speedy recovery. On July 22nd, Adam22, a well-known American podcaster, told his listeners he had heard from “very trustful sources” that the altercation between Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion had started because the two were in a sexual relationship.

When the two attended the party that Kylie Jenner had been hosting, Lanez and Jenner were showing “too much attention” to one another and “Megan did not appreciate it.”

Megan fighting her ego, she began to “violate” Tory Lanez. The two had got into a fight and Adam22 continued to emphasize how bad it got for Tory Lanez as Megan Thee Stallion continued to violate him.

With  rumors being spread, fans were left to question what had happened that night, especially since Tory Lanez kept his silence for nearly 2 months. Artists started to remove Tory Lanez from their projects and a lot of celebrities started speaking down on Tory Lanez.

“I think Tory is lame for shooting a girl,” said Brendan Greene student at West Virginia University. 

Even NBA star JR Smith commented to his Instagram upset that people are still supporting Lanez, “This clown shoots a female [and] y’all listening to his music like its ok! Tf @torylanez you a straight [clown].” As Lanez continued to be publicly shamed by people all over the internet, he still remained silent.

The silence ended on September 25, when Lanez dropped an album saying “There is a time to stay silent. And a time to speak …. I said all I could say on this.” In the album he raps about denying the allegations and it didn’t go the way it is being portrayed.

“I went so long without knowing the truth but obviously Tory gotta go to jail for shooting Megan,” said Shepherd student Toby Proctor. 

Lanez responded back to all the peers who backlashed him but didn’t even bother calling him on the phone and seeing if it is true. Fans across the country are now taking sides to either follow media outlets and “cancel” Lanez, or believe he is innocent until proven guilty.

Hopefully, there will be a day where the truth will come to light.

Sidrick Ofori