Admission: Movie Review


admission review imageComedy heavy weights Tina Fey and Paul Rudd star in their first film together in the new romantic comedy and drama, Admission. In this seemingly clever production, Fey takes on the role of Portia Nathan, a Princeton University admissions officer whose professional life is blossoming while her personal life is filled with one disappointment after the next. But through her visits to various high schools to recruit potential applicants she meets John Pressman, played by Rudd, a non-traditionalist who has just opened a new alternative school. The two opposing personalities play off each other well in a traditional opposites-attract sort of way.

Charming and witty at times the film is mostly upbeat, but not a comedic hit. It also takes an unexpected turn when Fey’s character is faced with her past, and touches on more serious topics than I had bargained for or expected. And in many ways I felt like a women’s empowerment and borderline feminist film, which played to many stereotypes currently facing women today. But as you would expect, turns out to have somewhat of a happy ending.

Fey & Rudd’s performances were good, but not great. Their characters seemed predictable and at times the film lagged on. Overall it was not my favorite, and certainly not an ideal date night rom-com. But I would give it as shot as a matinee film perhaps with friends or family or wait for the DVD.

Produced by Ron Howard and Scott Stuber, the film also stars Lily Tomlin, Michael Sheen, and Gloria Reuben and has grossed $6.5 million at the box office to date.