Women's March on Washington Protesters at Major General Winfield Scott Hancock Statue.

Women’s March on Washington: A Positive Protest for Change

(The Picket)- After the Inauguration Day Anti- Trump protests featuring vandalism, violence, and a documented 230 arrests, the women’s march on Washington began yesterday morning with relieving positive atmosphere.

Several hundred thousand people attended the event which exceeded its original march route size of Independence Avenue, taking up Constitution Avenue, and Pennsylvania Avenue as well.

The March opened with a series of speakers including noted feminist and journalist Gloria Steinem, several women of congress, Hollywood stars Scarlett Johansson and Janelle Monáe, director Michael Moore, pop star Madonna, and many others. After a presentation that lasted almost four hours protestors marched through the streets down to the fenced area just in front of the white house, chanting and singing as they went being cheered at or stared at by on lookers.

With its larger size the march could easily have resulted in violence, but the protestors showed these actions do not need to take violent turns as had happened the day before with the DisruptJ20 protest. All protests Yesterday were handled in peace, no riots broke out and no arrests were made.

Jessica Sharpless is reporter for The Picket and can be contacted at jsharp02@rams.shepherd.edu


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