Technology Breeds Creativity at Shepherd’s EduTech Center

On the second floor of Scarborough Library is a room filled with everything you need to make your creative project happen – and you need only sign up at the front desk to use it.

Shepherd’s EduTech Center has the newest technology to aid students with creative or academic projects they may have. The room includes a SMART board, two computer stations (Mac and PC), photo and video equipment, a green screen, file conversion software, and more.

Students are not the only ones using the EduTech Center. Faculty and students alike can come in and practice technology, said Lauryl Lewis, instructional technologist for the Center for Teaching and Learning. Lewis aids faculty with anything they may need help with, from using Sakai to having a DVD in their lecture and needing to time it.

Lewis said, “It’s a place where students and faculty can come in and create, whether it’s through a video project, audio project, so in other words podcasts or a videocast, or even things like a Web page.”

The center has Adobe products like the CS5, which includes things like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, and Adobe DreamWeaver.

The Center for Teaching and Learning’s mission statement, “to help you to help others learn,” has a distinct goal in mind when it comes to the EduTech Center.

Lewis said, “Faculty come by and we help them with their syllabi. We help them with a plethora of things that help them grow as faculty members, so we offer things like tech shops, and other kinds of FOSL’s [Focus on Student Learning]. The goal of it is to help not just faculty. If they need to come in here and they don’t know how to use something, we can teach them how to use these things so that they can create material that is useful in teaching and learning.”

The EduTech Center can be used to help students and faculty increase their web presence, make a video for YouTube or a podcast, and help with a project for class. The room may be reserved for two hours at a time. Students and faculty in the room may work independently or call Lewis or others on the call list posted at the front of the room for assistance with the equipment.

The center can be reserved at the front desk of the Scarborough Library, by contacting Lauryl Lewis at 304-876-5059 or, or via EMS, the online classroom reservation system: The center is located on the second floor of Scarborough Library in Room 350 and is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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