Study Abroad Program Offers Broad Travel Opportunities

Bonjour! Did you miss the Study Abroad Fair Tuesday? For many students, studying abroad can be an amazing experience, but finding out how to sign up can sometimes seem a little daunting.

The whole process can be overwhelming: meeting with advisers, financial aid, submitting transfer forms, obtaining a passport. That’s where Shepherd’s study abroad program project coordinators Beth Cauvel and Ann Henricksson can help.

Henricksson, along with your academic advisor, can help you decide what kind of study abroad program is right for you and your area of study.

“[Students] should speak with their academic advisor to be sure they can fit study abroad into their schedule and when would be the best time to study abroad. For example, education and nursing students’ best options are either a faculty-led program or a summer program,” said Henricksson.

In addition to Tuesday’s fair, the study abroad office will also be holding multiple events this semester to educate students on different options and how to get involved. International Education Week is Nov. 11-15. It will consist of many events, including a travel photo contest, in which the winner will receive $75, and a study abroad student panel, where students can meet with students returning from study abroad opportunities and hear about their experiences and other events.

Shepherd offers programs in 64 countries and many students have enjoyed their learning experiences abroad. While it may seem like an expensive endeavor, the study aboard program is a co-curricular organization through the SGA. SGA study abroad scholarships are awarded to students. Applications for these scholarships are due Nov. 18.

“Last year [SGA] awarded various amounts to 11 different students to help finance their trips,” said Henricksson.

The next faculty-led program, “The Art of Paris and Amsterdam” is March 7-16, 2014. The program occurs through the art department in place of the art 304 course. However, students may attend even if they do not want to receive credit.

To find out more about Shepherd’s study abroad program, visit their website at or stop by the study abroad office in the Scarborough Library. You can also email Ann Henricksson at and Beth Cauvel at

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