Students face challenges scheduling for spring semester

As a result from drop in enrollment for spring 2017, students have to find alternative classes to fill their schedules for the spring semester.

“We have less students for the spring semester and a tight budget and unfortunately as a result classes are being dropped,” said Betty Ellzey, chair of the English department.

Department chairs and advisors will help students graduating in December and May find alternative classes to substitute the classes being dropped.

“No one will be held back from graduation as a result in classes having to be cancelled, we would never let that happen,” Ellzey said.

“We have given out several overrides to students who need them due to their classes being cancelled,” said Jason McKahan, chair of the communications department.

Lower level classes and classes that are only offered once a year will not be dropped due to low enrollment.

“It’s frustrating to me that Shepherd is cancelling classes that I need for graduation but still charging me the same amount for tuition. Now I am stuck taking classes that aren’t related to my major or minor and still paying full price for them just to receive enough credits to graduate,” said Hayley Butler, communications major and editor in chief of The Picket.

“We are doing everything we can to increase enrollment figures for the fall of 2017 so we don’t experience this problem again,” said Thomas Segar, the vice president for student affairs.

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