Shepherd students talk about April Fools’ Day Pranks

Every year on the first day of April, April Fools’ Day is celebrated. This day allows people to play “harmless” jokes on their friends, family and sometimes strangers.

Although the origin of April Fools’ Day is unclear, some say those who celebrated New Year’s on Jan.1st created April Fools’ Day in the Middle Ages. The April Fools’ Day holiday allowed for Jan. 1st New Year’s celebrators to make fun of those who celebrated New Year’s on any other day of the year.

Several Shepherd University students were interviewed and asked what some of their personal April Fools’ Day pranks have been in the past.

Stacy Mummert, a freshman English major, said she pulled a prank on her brother. “My brother kept pestering me for a glass of water,” she said. “He wouldn’t leave me alone, so I took half a glass of water and filled the rest with coconut milk. If you have ever had it, then you know it tastes terrible, and he almost spit it out, because it was so nasty. His reaction was priceless.”

“When I was in high school, I pulled a prank on my friend by hacking into her Twitter account and changing her name and photo to Justin Bieber, because she hates him so much. I then went through and tweeted a bunch of funny photos of him and tweets that said she loved him,” Ali Wilson, sophomore photography major said.

Kara Near, 25, said, “My best friend and I had a dog together and he sent me a picture and told me she jumped off of the couch and broke her leg. It really was just toilet paper wrapped around her leg but you couldn’t tell in the picture.”

“It was a birthday. I invited a bunch of friends over to get drunk. I told my friend to show up in a costume and nobody else was coming in a costume. He showed up in a Viking costume with a helmet with horns. I took his picture when I answered the door and made a meme out of it,” Allex Benedict, junior English major, said.

Ana Prillaman, Shepherdstown resident, said, “It was more like a surprise. I was living in Chicago. It was a birthday party for a friend’s son. He really wanted a Transformers party. He wanted a real Transformer to show up. We made a fourteen foot Optimus Prime costume and that kid was so happy.”


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