SGA Elects New Officers


Caitlin O’Connor, SGA president for the 2016-17 school year.

THE PICKET – Shepherd University’s Student Government Association elected new officers this month for the 2016-17 school year.


Caitlin O’Connor is the new president, Caroline Shamberger the vice president, and Da’Shawn Long the treasurer.


The President’s main responsibilities include monthly meetings with the school’s Board of Governors, weekly meetings with Dr. Tom Segar, vice president for Student Affairs. “I make sure all of our goals get completed, and anything that is a concern the student body brings, I do my best to make sure that’s handled,” O’Connor said.


“I definitely want to get the name of SGA out [in the student community], and I want to make elections more prominent on campus, because most people don’t know that we even have a student government [or elections],” she continued.


“We need to reach the commuters, the non-traditional [students], and the ones that are transferring out, and find out why they’re leaving and what we could do to have kept them.”


The vice president is more the “face” of SGA, running meetings, as opposed to the president’s more behind-the-scenes approach.


“I really look forward to creating a safer environment for students, and trying to rebrand SGA and get our name out there even more. [I want to] do some more activities to get students more involved, as well as [make sure they know] what’s available on campus,” Shamberger said.


The treasurer is in charge of SGA’s finances, ensuring any purchases they make are approved by the school. The treasurer also presents the student senators, representatives from each student organizations, with a financial report at every meeting, and proposes an annual budget at the end of the spring semester.


“I will set aside a certain amount of time to give my undivided attention to this position. I will collaborate with advisors and faculty, as well as fellow senators… on financial matters,” Long said.

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