Rolling Kansas, Hot Tub Time Machine and Up In Smoke

Rolling Kansas-

Rolling Kansas is about a nearly divorced guy named Dick who owns a crumbling small business and his buddies who attempt to find a magical forest of marijuana in the great state of Kansas using a map their stoner parents left behind. On their travels they encounter everything from a crazy bible belt like diner to cops and a peaceful hitchhiker named Oldman. They find the magical forest and fail to harvest the cannabis but they do create a map on a bunch of T shirts that leads to the forest. In an attempt to sell these shirts they are paid off by the government who wants to keep things quiet. Dick gets his self together and gets his girl back.

Hot Tub Time Machine-

4 guys, Nick, Adam, Lou and Jacob go on a road trip to a resort that Nick, Adam and Lou went to as kids but little do they know they are sent back in time to the 80s through a hot tub time machine. They are forced to deal with the consequences of this. Jacob is too young to have existed in the 80s so he tries to fix the hot tub time machine as soon as possible. Adam contemplates his life and his love life choices. Lou takes on his childhood bully. Nick discovers his passion for music and deals with his own love quarrel. They are forced to deal with a very unhelpful mystical time guru. Things spiral out of control, ending in alternate future that Lou creates.


Cheech And Chong Up In Smoke-

Anthony Stoner (Tommy Chong) an unemployed pot smoking hippie and an mediocre drummer ditches his strict parents and hits the road. He eventually runs into Pedro De Pacas (Cheech Marin) and the two hit it off. They do everything from road tripping, smoking grass, to acid. Turns out they are both musicians which leads them to a battle of the bands in which they dominate the stage.

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