Program Board and PASS Announce Fall Events

Freshmen (and even some upperclassmen) may be wondering: what are Program Board and PASS? You have probably heard of the organizations or attended some sponsored events, but may not have known about these organizations.

Program Board
Program Board is a subcommittee of the Student Life Council at Shepherd. Led by Rachel Meads, the director of student activities and leadership, Program Board is made up of student leaders who strive to create community on campus by sponsoring diverse programs to educate, entertain and engage students.

Those students involved with Program Board are “executive leadership team members.” These members work to bring these events to life. They develop a variety of leadership skills in addition to planning, marketing, and assessing diverse cultural, educational and other types of community building programs, all of which add to a unique learning experience. For more information, please visit the website at

Fall Semester Events:

  • -Wednesday, Sept. 11 @ 11am-1:30pm PB&J Day
  • -Friday, Sept. 20, @ 6pm-10pm Late Night in The Zone
  • -Saturday, Sept. 21 @ 8:30pm Outdoor Movie: Monsters University
  • -Thursday, Oct. 3 @ 11am-1:30pm PB&J Day
  • -Wednesday, Oct. 30 @ 6pm-8pm Shep-O-Treat
  • -Tuesday, Nov. 5 @ 8am-10am Waffle Day
  • -Wednesday, Dec. 4 @ 11am-1pm Bingo


Performing Arts Series at Shepherd (PASS)
The Performing Arts Series at Shepherd provides a diverse arts and entertainment experience to Shepherd University students and Shepherdstown community members. Each year, members of PASS bring in a number of performance groups to the area that most students would not have access to see otherwise.

PASS events are made possible through student activity fees allocated by the Student Government Association and additional financial support provided by various area arts and humanities programs. Not all universities have the benefit of a program like PASS. All performances are held at 8 p.m. at the Frank Arts Center at Shepherd University. For more information about the events, visit their website at

Fall Semester Events:

  • -Monday, Sept. 23 through Friday, Sept. 27: The Appalachian Heritage Writer In Residence Project featuring Frank X Walker
  • -Friday, Sept. 27 and Saturday, Sept. 28: The 18th Annual Appalachian Heritage Festival
  • -Tuesday, Oct. 15: The Andy Statman Trio

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