Official Transcripts Help Eliminate Fraud

Shepherd University graduates must wait for the postman to receive official transcript through the mail, although transcripts can be accessed online at other universities. Some students are finding it more of an inconvenience getting them through the mail because most job applications are done online.

Transcripts, however, are important and confidential to the student. Even though it may take a few days to receive the transcript, there is still the application phase that the student would go through when first applying for a job. If they are not available online, it is hopeful that the student can have the official transcript on the day of the interview.

Tracy Seffers, of the Shepherd registrar’s office, said, “I would love to be able to submit transcripts electronically, but Shepherd has limited resources, IT, and budget.”

Going paperless would help eliminate some extra tasks done in the registrar’s office. Shepherd currently cannot send official transcripts by any electronic means.

An official transcript includes all information of a student’s academic career. The transcript will include things like the dates of attendance, major, minor, concentration, the type degree awarded, G.P.A., the course work completed at the school, and awards given if any. The registrar office then signs and seals the envelope.

Fraud in previous years caused colleges and universities to obtain steps to ensure the privacy of the students’ personal academic records. Some things the registrar’s office may ask for are a handwritten student signature, full name, current address, phone number, social security number, student identification number, year of graduation or class year, dates of attendance, type of degree awarded, number of transcripts needed, and full name of the recipients and their mailing addresses

Most schools will charge you a fee to obtain either type of transcript. Shepherd gives the first official transcript requested by the student for free. Each additional transcript it is $5. Regular transcripts require a minimum of three working days for processing.

There is also the option for a faxed transcript, which will be available within 24-hour time frame. There must be a signed request by the student, however, and faxed transcripts are unofficial. The fee for faxed transcripts is $15.00 each.

All financial obligations to Shepherd University must be taken care of prior to any transcript being released.

All schools that receive funds under the U.S. Department of Education must obey the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, which prevents third parties, including parents, from accessing a student’s transcript.

Employers who do not request transcripts run the risk of hiring someone with a phony degree.

There are some employers that will not even consider your major when looking at your transcripts. If you’re applying for a position as a financial analyst, your potential employer may look for either an accounting or finance majors. If the employer happens to be a non-profit or community services organization, however, then the type of degree might not matter.

If a student was planning on substituting education for specialized experience, most jobs require that they must submit a transcript to verify education. Unofficial copies may be acceptable at the application phase, but applicants are generally required to provide official transcripts on their first day. Without transcripts, some prospective employers will be unable to consider the graduates education as substitution for experience.

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