Native American Culture and Ancient Medicine of Antiquity

Jim Downing is well versed in Native American culture. He has dual citizenship. He is a member of his tribe and a US citizen. If he wanted to go live among land that is promised to him he could. Jim was kind enough to send me some pictures of his own historical objects used by Native Americans.

The talking stick:

“The talking stick is used to maintain order within a group of people,” he said. “It’s a way to maintain civility. The stick is used to confer in a lodge within a circle and to take turns talking. No speaking out of term is aloud. This was used to claim positions and discuss issues at hand.”

Counting coup:

He added, “The warriors often carried a coup stick and rather then kill their enemy they would touch them with a coup stick and shows that you could of killed them and did not. The person upon who you took coup would know that they lost the battle and the person who won would show dominance as a great warrior. This was done within a battle between tribes or in battle a with European culture.”

Pony stick:

He explained the pony stick. “The pony stick was used to demonstrate the wealth and stature of a Native American,” he said. “They would also attach the hair of a pony that died in battle to the stick in order to demonstrate respect for the pony when it died.”

Downing is eager to see a new movie that explores Native American culture. The movie stars  Leonardo DiCaprio and is called “Killers of the Flower Moon.” It depicts the suffering, dissimulation and suppression of Native American culture because of large oil deposits beneath their land in the 1920s in Oklahoma. 

The ayahuasca experience:

Native Americans, other cultures and areas around the globe have been to this day using a medicine called ayahuasca which facilitates spiritual healing and spiritual growth. This kind of medicine is mostly lost in the Western world as we know it. Many Native Americans are familiar with this medicine to treat depression. It’s considered a sacred medicine of antiquity that humankind has been using since prehistoric times.



It’s recommended that shamanism be explored with a trained shaman. Those who really want to learn about this may travel to Peru and the Amazon, make a $5,000 purchase and stay at a retreat. Shamans have been part of humanity since hunter-gatherer days. Shamans are there to ensure the proper experience. They are dedicated to their ability to guide one through the journey and ensure that it is safe.

Shamans are practitioners who are trained to operate within the spirit world and other layers of consciousness. Some Westerners have been known to go do ayahuasca and claim to return with evil entities attached to them. Shamans claim that the setting is vital. Many practitioners say that shamanism offers the best healing medicine there is.



Don Howard says, “Low brother, ayahuasca is going to take out everything bad in you and leave all the good.”

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