Men’s Soccer Loses to Seton Hill

The crowd was filled with Shepherd students ready to support the Shepherd Men’s Soccer team in the 2013-14 home opener. However, opening day did not prove fruitful for the Rams. The Seton Hill Griffins defeated the Rams 4-2.

Shepherd had a fantastic start to the match when the Rams took a 1-0 lead when junior midfielder Kyle Ransom scored after receiving a killer ball from junior midfielder Fernand Feukeu during the 28th minute of the match.

Shepherd was on a roll after making the opening breakthrough. The Rams were smooth and comfortable in possession, switching the play with ease and allowing Seton Hill to chase the game. Shepherd carried the single goal advantage through most of the first half. However, a pair of Seton Hill seniors, Matt Luchetti and Stefan Walcott, continued to pressure the Rams. The Griffins made honors going into half time as freshman Harrison Howes scored after receiving a pass from fellow freshman Joe Smith.

After the interval, Seton Hill scored three times unanswered. Bovey Masolie gave the Griffins the lead for the first time during the 63rd minute of the match. Howes added the assist on Masolie’s goal. Later still, Seton Hill Joe Tchimou played a through ball to sophomore Trevor Martz. Martz then switched the ball to Masolie, who scored again. Prospects looked bleak for the Rams at this point.

Shepherd’s senior striker Kevin Doyle trapped and settled the ball after receiving a pass from Kyle Ransom. Doyle then proceeded to beat the Seton Hill goalkeeper, cutting down the Seton Hill lead. However, the comeback attempt proved to be in vain.

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