Megan Hughart

Me too. Me too.

The Picket- If you’ve been on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram lately then you’ve probably seen women sharing personal stories along with the hashtag Me Too. Tarana Burke started the movement in the 90s when she created a nonprofit organization, Just Be Inc., that helped victims of sexual harassment and assault.

I’ve read many empowering stories that women have shared on social media, recounting their own Me Too moments. While I know that not every woman is able to step forward or wants to, I want them to know that it isn’t their fault and I believe them. An entire community believes them. That’s the beautiful thing about the Me Too movement. Women are given the opportunity to share their stories without fear that they will be judged, questioned, or disbelieved.

The Me Too movement also raises the question of why? Why does this happen so often and why aren’t women coming forward when it does happen?

The answer is simple. Women are taught not to wear revealing clothing, drink too much, or flirt too much, because then they’re putting themselves in a position that makes sexual assault okay. They’re branded as teases or whores and they’re made to feel ashamed if they are sexually assaulted or harassed.

Why aren’t we teaching young boys that they need to control themselves, that no means no, that a woman can never consent if she isn’t sober, or that even if something starts and a woman changes her mind, then she’s entitled to that?

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