Battlefield 2042, The Witcher Wild Hunt and Far Cry 3

Battlefield 2042-

Battlefield 2042, Set to release November 19th 2021 is an all out large scale warfare game. You can wield all kinds of weapons such as the M5A3, SWS-10 and the DM7 marksman rifle. You can fly planes, drive tanks and parachute off buildings to land shots in mid air. This is warfare based on the predicted time of the year 2042. I played the open beta for this game and noticed they had a lot to improve upon before releasing. It is the beta of the game so its not the final game yet but you could not land hardly any shots due to a lack of range or the recoil of the guns. The sniper rifle would give you the worst hit markers. The graphics could also be so much better. I love Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 4 looks beautiful compared to this and it was made far earlier than this game. The hit marker system I didn’t care for either. I felt less notified if I dropped someone because the red and the skull with the gamer tag of who was downed was so faint. I feel let down by our creators for this series yet again. There is so much this game could be. Hopefully the full game at launch will be improved and hopefully they end up fixing their errors. Maybe I expect too much from a beta. You can pick up this game tomorrow in stores.

The Witcher Wild Hunt-

In The Witcher Wild Hunt you play as Geralt of Rivia, a hired monster slayer for humanity. In a medieval realm full of magic and monsters Geralt is a traveler of the road, lone strider. He is a Witcher so Humanity doesn’t always welcome his fading kind either. In this game you can explore to your hearts content. Exceed no bounds in this vast open world game. Destroy the wicked. Salvage what you can and keep going on your quest. The Witcher is also available on Netflix as its own show. The next season of The Witcher comes out December 17th.

Far Cry 3- 

Far Cry 3 is a FPS(first person shooter) RPG(role playing game) where you play as Jason, a survivor of a mad paradise lost. A group of roughly 30 year old friends from California go on a vacation together in paradise. They do everything from clubing to sky diving in what they think is a shangri la only to end up spilt up all over the island. They find out that this island is full of insane criminals and gangs which take them hostage. Jason escapes and works with these rebels who have cause to eradicate the other gang who took Jasons friends hostage. It turns out that their rebel leader is just as crazy. If they don’t destroy you the jungle will.





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