Activities and Ideas for Easter

With the warm air finally circulating around Shepherd, birds chirping and flowers blooming, students are quaintly reminded that springtime is here, which also means Easter isn’t far behind. Easter Sunday is on April 20. If you need some ideas about what to do during Easter, here are a few:

– Egg Hunt

You can take your little brother or sister or your own kids to an egg hunt. The children can have fun with other children searching for hidden eggs as well as prizes.

-Arts and Crafts

You can create special bonding time with children, your boyfriend or girlfriend with some fun arts and crafts projects for Easter. You can paint eggs with bright spring colors or add other types of decorations like glitter. You can also test your inner artist by making unique and special designs on the eggs. If you think you can make the best-looking Easter egg, have an egg decorating contest with your friends and family. Other types of arts and crafts projects include making eggs out of items in the house, making bunny rabbits out of cotton balls, finger painting, and making Easter cards for the family.

-Attend Church

You can put on your Sunday best and go with your family to church. Angelique Mackey, a student in the RBA program, attends church regularly on Easter. In church, her family does many things, including reading the bible, singing traditional songs or hymns and gathering for meals.

-Plant Some Flowers

Springtime is an excellent time to see blooming flowers. If you want to have more bonding moments with your family, take them outside and plant some flowers. You can plant bulbs, tulips, lilies, and daffodils to add some color in your garden.

-Finish the Day with a Delicious Meal

After your long day, sit and enjoy a good meal with your family. Every year, Mackey always cooks roast lamb, mash potatoes, carrots, and red velvet cake for dessert.

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