Rams down Wesleyan on Senior night

The Rams (18-9, 15-6 MEC) defeated West Virginia Wesleyan (12-15, 9-12 MEC) 81-69 on Thursday night.

It’s senior night for the Rams. Emotions are high, nerves running, and the pressure of sending the seniors out with a win. The Rams answered the bell and dominated. Jumping to an early lead, the Rams walked into halftime with a 35-18 lead over the Bobcats.

In the second half, Wesleyan hit some shots but counted but a run together to chop the Rams’ lead. The Bobcats were led in scoring by Kevin Kangni with 13 points. Mo Berchie chipped in with 10 points of his own.

The Rams where lead by Junior Skyler Roman with 18 points on 7 of 13 shooting. Junior Steffen Davis also contributed with 16 points, going 6 of 14 from the floor. The Rams shot 40.9 percent as a team and hit 80 percent of their free-throws.

Coach Justin Nomalik spoke on the emotional night.

“I love Mike and Naim. They’ve done so much for this basketball program. They’ve come a long way since freshman and sophomores. They learned the lessons of how to lead and now teach our young guys. I can’t be more proud of them. They represent Shepherd very well and will continue to do so,” Nomalik said.

Nomalik also spoke on the mindset of the team going forward saying, “This time of year it gets hard to score points. We have to keep playing defense and makes more offensive plays.”

The Rams are on the road for the last regular season game against Fairmont University on Feb. 25 at 4 p.m.

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