WVA delegate: Effort to permit guns on campus to return in 2019

The bill was defeated in a 7-9 vote (photo courtesy of Think Advisor)

A measure that would allow weapons on campuses across West Virginia is expected to be revived in the 2019 state legislative session, according to bill sponsor Eric L. Householder.

The bill was unanimously opposed by the faculty senate at Shepherd University and at public universities across West Virginia.
Shepherd University Counsel Alan Perdue said in a campus wide email,

“Campus Carry legislation presents deep concerns for most college administrators because our experiences with students on a daily basis reflect large numbers of students who are not well suited, emotionally and psychologically, to either the routine of carrying of a deadly weapon or to the exposure to peers who are carrying such weapons,”

“I am a supporter of our country’s second amendment,” Householder of Berkeley County, said in a phone interview. “I believe that with recent events over the years it is important for those capable of defending themselves to do just that.”