What are Shepherd students watching?

Students can find public televisions - like this one in the Ram's Den - across Shepherd's campus.
“Adult Swim is just awesome,” says Devin Abe, a freshman at Shepherd, whose currently watching Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty.

On Super Bowl Sunday, students gathered around Shepherd University’s public televisions to catch the game, the commercials, or — for the animal lovers — the Puppy Bowl. But what are students watching the rest of the year?

“Anything on Adult Swim is just awesome,” says Devin Abe, a freshman at Shepherd, whose currently watching Rick & Morty.

Students can find televisions across campus: in the Wellness Center, the Scarborough Library, the dining hall, as well as one in the Ram’s Den’s lounge area. Students looking to catch the latest sports news are in luck, as many of the televisions across campus are usually tuned into ESPN. In the dining hall, at least one of the three televisions are left on ESPN.

Campus televisions aren’t stuck on sports, though. Students can also catch the news across campus. The dining hall tends to stay tuned in to Fox News, while Ram’s Den occasionally turns on CNN. Students looking for a steady source of televised news can find CNN on at least one of the multiple televisions in the main area of Shepherd’s Scarborough Library.

“RAW and Smackdown are the only things that I still watch on broadcast television,” Austin Susman, a Shepherd student, who primarily uses Netflix instead of television.

“RAW and Smackdown are the only things that I still watch on broadcast television,” says Austin Susman, a senior at Shepherd, “you could say I’m a huge WWE fan!” Susman continued by saying he uses Netflix to binge watch shows, “I knocked out the new season of A Series of Unfortunate Events in 3 days.”

According to research from the New York Times, 409 original television shows aired in 2015. With all that new content being pushed out, it’s hard to keep up with it all, and some students have stopped trying.

“I actually don’t watch much TV anymore,” says Rickie Hensley, a Shepherd senior, “but right now I am catching up on the classic X-Files series [on Netflix].”

Rickie Hensley, a student at Shepherd, uses Netflix to rewatch the classic X-Files series. “I actually don’t watch much TV anymore,” says Hensley.

Netflix isn’t the only replacement for anyone looking for television alternatives. Recent years have given way to a rise in YouTube shows. The website even offers its own subscription service, YouTube Red, where subscribers gain access to exclusive content from their favorite YouTubers and can surf the website without any advertising interruptions.


Colton Roberts, a junior at Shepherd, doesn’t enjoy many TV shows anymore. “I’m more of a YouTube guy,” says Roberts,” anything from Rooster Teeth’s Achievement Hunter series is perfect!”

More of a YouTube fan than a television fan, Shepherd student Colton Roberts prefers watching videos from Rooster Teeth over most TV shows.