Tougher gun laws needed in U.S.


In the wake of the Parkland, Florida, high school shooting last month, the nation is once again discussing gun control laws.

The U.S. has just suffered its 25th mass shooting since the beginning of the new year. This outrageous number is leaving many Americans confused. Why has nothing changed?

With this most recent event, high school survivors of the Parkland shooting have taken charge and challenged those in power for change. These young people have spoken publicly, asked real questions, and challenged the NRA directly.

Of course, you have those who try to down play the situation and discredit those who speak up for change. Excuses have been made, finger pointing has started, and stupid solutions begin to fill the White House.

President Trump has proposed the idea that arming school teachers will somehow make the increase of gun violence stop. Well, I believe this solution is just as good as pouring gasoline on yourself and walking into a house fire. The last thing America needs are more guns, especially in a school. Arming our teachers only presents the possibility of creating an active war zone in the hallways of any school.

What we need in America is real change.

I’m not anti-gun, but I do believe it is too easy to get a gun in America. I’m not a politician, but I do have common sense. More guns do not help anything!

I believe the process of obtaining a gun should be way harder. We should have stricter background checks, and psychiatric evaluations of all those seeking to buy guns. I believe military assault rifles should be banned. There is no reason to have an AR-15 or AK-47. A hunting rifle is different but a semi-automatic rifle is not sport.

Some big name stores have begun the change. Dicks Sporting Goods has stopped selling assault rifles and will not allow anyone under 21 to purchase a firearm. Walmart also has set 21 as the minimum age for gun buyers. While it’s small, this is a step in the right direction.

Everyone is fighting to have their voice heard. Some are fighting for their personal agenda, while others claim they are for the people. This makes one sit back and wonder, can we get along and save our country? If not, what does this mean for our future? Food for thought.