Shepherdstown Farmer’s Market is back

Sunday marked the return of the famed Shepherdstown Farmer’s Market. Visitors come from far and wide to enjoy the nostalgic experience. Every Sunday at 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. until November, the market will be live and full of local goods for all to enjoy. Photo by Madison Hale
Many of the vendors sold out of much of their goods within the first hour of opening. Leslie Randall, co-owner of Green Gate Farm, said she had a long table stocked full with a variety of greens. “By 10:30 my table was empty,” she said. “I sold about 70 bags. Everyone is excited to have access to local produce again.” Green Gate Farm is unique in that they utilize draft horses as their main source of energy for farming. Randall pointed out that horses are more sustainable than the large equipment often used today. Photo by Madison Hale
The market features a diverse set of vendors, from locally brewed Kombucha to a knife sharpening stand. Kombucha is a fermented tea loaded with probiotics. The Cultured Leaf Kombucha is run by Jodi Jones and is sold all over the region. You can find her brew all the way in Davis, West Virginia, a funky little mountain town about two hours West of Shepherdstown. Jones noted that with finals coming up, “Kombucha is a perfect healthy option to replace those energy drinks,” she said. “Stop by for a free sample. Show your Rambler card and get a student discount.” Photo by Madison Hale
Robb and Keli Balfour run Robb’s Edge Express, a pop up shop where customers can bring just about anything with a blade to have sharpened for a reasonable price. “Kitchen knives, gardening tools, lawn mower blades… Bring it to our stand and we will sharpen it for you,” Keli said. The Balfours will only be at the Shepherdstown market every fifth Sunday of the month. That doesn’t occur very frequently, so the next time you can catch them will be June 30. Photo by Madison Hale
Dellavita Garden farm is right in Shepherdstown and offers a CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which allows both individuals and restaurants to subscribe to a weekly produce delivery. Dellavita delivers to about a 20-mile radius around Shepherdstown. Check out their website for more information. Photo by Madison Hale
Every week the market features live music from a local musician or band. This week an acoustic guitar filled the street with a cheerful melody. Some stood and enjoyed while they browsed the market, others dropped a few dollars of support into the guitar case while they walked by. Photo by Madison Hale
Local bee apiary, Shade’s Farm, offers a wide variety of honey and wax products, including herb infused honeys. One of the most popular flavors is Orange Chai, said Kurt Shade, owner of the farm. Shade was enthusiastic to invite Shepherd University students to join in on the Sunday fun. “Just come and walk around, you don’t have to buy anything,” he said. “We love having students here.” Photo by Madison Hale
In addition to a variety of harvested produce, there are also a few venders selling potted plants ready to go home, like Peace in the Valley Farm. Today there was a wide variety of vegetable plants, flowers, and herbs. “Right now, we mostly have spring plants. Later on, in the season we will have summer plants, like basil, which many folks have been asking about,” Cindy Marzullo said. Photo by Madison Hale
Jack Meyer is the owner and operator of Appalachian Chocolate Company, an organic handcrafted chocolate producer. “I get raw cacao beans in bulk, and it takes about a week to process them into chocolate bars,” Meyer said. He roasts the beans at his home, stone-grinds them, crafts them into chocolate bars, then sells them at markets and local shops. “Dark chocolate with sea salt is my top seller,” he said. Meyer always has an open cacao pod on display which visitors can look at. Photo by Madison Hale
A local favorite is Shepherd’s Whey Creamery, a family owned goat farm that produces a variety of dairy products. Located right off of Route 45 heading to Martinsburg, the farm is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Photo by Madison Hale
The market can be found behind the Shepherdstown Public Library on South King Street. Full of friendly smiles and kind folk, it is a place where everyone can have a good time. “We’re looking forward to another market season with our community,” Jodie Jones added. Photo by Madison Hale