Shepherd’s Anti-Hazing Week

Members of Delta Zeta show their support of Anti-Hazing Week.

From Jan. 30 to Feb. 3, Shepherd University observed Anti-Hazing Week, an effort by the Greek organizations on campus to show what they are doing to fight hazing.


Hazing is any form of abuse done to someone that is joining an organization, according to Claire West, the graduate assistant for Greek Affairs.


There are different types of hazing, some as subtle as embarrassing someone.


“It may not seem as intense as some of the things you might see on TV,” West said, such as harassment or violence, but all hazing has negative consequences.


There are many negative stereotypes of Greek life and the members of the Greek community on campus wanted to organize Anti-Hazing Week to educate people about the problem of hazing, West said.


“The media shows Greek life all the time in the act of hazing and drinking,” said Julia Flocco, the new student programming coordinator. She said Greek life doesn’t stand for “hazing and bullying,” but for philanthropy and friendship.


Flocco said fighting hazing matters because, “we’re a community that stands up for each other.”


On Wednesday, the department of Greek Affairs met in the Ram’s Den to film a video of students explaining why they don’t haze.


Shepherd doesn’t seem to have a hazing problem, according to Flocco. Since she came to Shepherd in 2015, she said there’s never been a report of hazing.