Potomac Place dorm gets mixed reviews

The new dorms for Shepherd University students.

Ribbon cutting for Potomac Place set for 10 Saturday morning


Potomac Place, the new 149-room dorm on campus, is getting mixed reviews from residents.

“I wish the place was bigger so I could put all my stuff away,” said Taylor Shaffer, a sophomore sports marketing major. “The best thing is the hardwood floors.”


Taylor Shaffer, a resident at Potomac Place wishes she had more storage.

Michael Mastrianni, a freshman secondary education major, said the location on the west side of campus is great. “If I’m running late the bus usually comes right there so it’s convenient,” he said.

Yet Mastrianni said “more activities should happen on the spacious front lawn.”


Michael Mastrianni likes how the bus usually comes so he can get to east side of campus.

The 81,000-square-foot building, which features a private bath for every room, just opened this fall. It’s the biggest dorm on the Shepherd University campus and rooms cost $3,188 per semester.

Shaw and Thacher Hall can accommodate up to 145 students costing $2,815 per semester. West Woods has six buildings, which can all hold 250 students costing $3,177 per semester. Dunlop and Printz, which are the apartments linked with the university, can each hold 298 students costing $3,395 per semester.

“I like the place in different ways then the suites, having my own personal space is nice,” said Melody Pickens, a sophomore communications major. “The walls are super thin you can hear people running up and down the stairs all the time.”


A resident of Potomac Place wishes the walls weren’t super thin.

Noelle Jeffery a, freshman biology major, said the only time the noise is a bother is during football games, which is understandable, she said.

“The only thing I would want is a little stool to get on my bed with that would be most helpful,” Jeffery said.


Noelle Jeffery wants a little stool so she can get on her bed at night.

This story has been corrected.  The original price quoted for the Potomac Place dormitory was erroneous.

Oliver Wickiser is a reporter for The Picket. He can be reached at owicki01@rams.shepherd.edu