Playwright Steve Yockey gave a preview Tuesday of his seven-act play, Very Still and Hard to See.

The play tells seven stories about a haunted hotel, each scene telling the story of a different supernatural phenomena. It is then left up to the audience to decide whether these phenomena are real or a figment of the hotel guest’s imagination.

Yockey read from the third scene in the play. A monologue spoken by a young woman who killed her husband. However, she claims that his death was caused by a monster rising out of the This year has been eventful for Yockey. His plays have been produced professionally nine times. This fall his new play, Mercury, will open at the Salt Lake City Acting Company. Then it will be performed again at the Stray Cat Theater in Phoenix, Arizona.

Yockey said he was inspired by the legend, “The Myth of the White Woman,” which is a story about a man who promises to never tell anyone he met a ghost. One day he told his wife, only to reveal that the ghost had disguised itself as his wife the whole time.
Very Still and Hard to See is directed by Joshua Midgett, who is a visiting director at Shepherd University

“I was interested in play for it’s dark theatricality,” Midgett said, “I think it’s about morality. And how it’s easy to take that one left handed turn.”

Very Still and Hard to See will be presented at the Marinoff Theater from Nov. 2-4 and Nov. 9-11. Tickets are available at the door an hour before the performance. They are $10 for the general public, $5 for Shepherd University staff, and Shepherd University students get in for free.