Pickin’ on Rockwool fundraising concert

The Woodshedders headline a series of local bands on Sunday evening, entertaining community members who are in opposition to the coming Rockwool factory. Rockwool is an international, Danish owned insulation company that is planning to build its latest manufacturing plant in Ranson, WV. The factory will be Jefferson County’s first heavy industry factory.
People of all ages pack into Town Run Tap House in resistance to Rockwool. Community members have expressed varied concerns such as air pollution, water contamination, ascetics, and location. The plant will be within two miles of four public schools and two daycare centers. The 463,000-square foot facility will be operated twenty-four seven, and will consist of two twenty-one story smoke stacks.
Jefferson County Vision, a non-profit started by the administrators of Facebook group Concerned Citizens Against Rockwool, sells merchandise and helps hand out raffle prizes to winners. All proceeds go to funding legal opposition to Rockwool. The non-profit has a long-term goal to further protect the community from future undesirable development. Visit www.toxicrockwool.com for more information about the group.
A fundraising raffle to raise awareness about Jefferson County Vision was held at the Sunday event. Rockwool is waiting for a few more permits to be approved, including a wastewater permit from the state, a water bond from Jefferson County Development Authority, a building permit for the smoke towers, and a natural gas pipeline permit.
Morgan Sell, local activist who helped organized the gathering, reads off raffle winners on stage as The Woodshedders prepare to perform. Sell has three young sons, fighting construction as a mother and a concerned citizen.