No action on campus-carry bill in WVa legislature

The proposed HR Bill 4298 did not pass in a vote conducted by the West Virginia State legislature on Saturday, March 10, which would have permitted citizens to have legal guns on state university campuses. However, in a separate vote, the HR Bill 4187 did pass, allowing citizens to keep permitted guns locked in their cars while they are at school, work, or shopping. (Photo Courtesy of Picket Staff).

A bill that would have allowed legally-permitted guns on state university campuses died in the West Virginia legislative session that ended Saturday, March 10.  

Another measure, that would have allowed citizens to keep their permitted guns locked in their vehicles while at work, school or shopping, was given the OK by state legislators.  

The campus-carry bill, which would have permitted guns on campuses, was unanimously opposed by Shepherd University’s faculty senate.  

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