New student group for pagans on campus

(photo provided by Shepherd University Pagans)

The Shepherd University Pagans just became an official group on campus.

“The first time I went here there was a real need for this group, because there was no representation on campus for people who were interested in paganism,” said Olaf Davidson, a senior environmental engineering major. “Society has changed because we can be more open about what we believe than we could be before, but there are still people who have family and friends who wouldn’t accept them for their pagan beliefs.”

The group’s goal is for networking and socializing for those of “non-dualistic spirituality,” Davidson said, “We’re here not to be combative, but to have a place where people can come and chill.”

The group has three rules, don’t be an asshole, respect each-others’ paths, and no open veins or flames. The meetings are every Monday at 8 p.m. in the Shenandoah room at the student center.

Paganism has many forms and all forms of it are welcomed and accepted at Shepherd University Pagans, Davidson said. The group is mostly made up of Neo-pagans and Asatru.