National Coming Out Day students respond

Coming Out Day is aimed at giving the LGBTQ community a bigger voice on campus, organizers of the Wednesday event said. “Coming Out Day is a way to get people thinking outside and inside the LGBT community,” said Elin Greer, president of the Allies group at Shepherd University. “It’s also for people who have come out, but it gives them the opportunity to show their pride.” Greer defined coming out as a person’s public decision to identify somewhere on the LGBT spectrum. To find out more about the Allies group at Shepherd University, contact Greer at or to the Allies’ secretary Ashley Angueira at Pictured Celebrating National Coming Out Day in the Rams Den are Jesse Hancock (left), a member of multicultural affairs, Grayson Spinney (middle), an undeclared freshman, and Keira Cale, a graduate assistant for multicultural student affairs.