Homecoming theme narrowed down to three choices

The three Homecoming themes for the fall. Credits Katreena Stracke

Campus groups are organizing to prepare for fall homecoming 2019 and campus Ram Pulse voting on this year’s theme is set for March 1-8.

Possible themes have been narrowed to three: movie titles, books or U.S. cities. Students will narrow the list to one in the week long voting.

“I think this year will be less stress with everyone involved now that we have a committee in place to make everything more organized,” Alyssa Roush, homecoming chair for the past two years, said.   “I like the fact that I can restructure some of the events so more organizations are included in homecoming.  I know the main point is for the football game but having events like the parade and Founders Day gives students a better chance to be involved in homecoming if they aren’t in an organizations.”

The organizations competing in Homecoming for the spirit stick are broken up into two separate divisions.  The first division is the gold division made up of larger organizations on campus.  All the gold division organizations are scored the same to keep the competition fair.  The other division is the blue division meant for smaller organizations so they having a fighting chance against the larger organizations.  Even though there are two divisions there is only one spirit stick, which is awarded to the organization that has the most points at the end of the week based of the competitions.