GSA plans event for Coming out Day

GSA's panel will be held on Oct. 10th (photo provided by Gettyimages)

In an effort to make Shepherd University a more inclusive community, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance is holding a panel discussion Wednesday, Oct. 10 on Coming Out Day.

The discussion will feature faculty, students and administrators who support the LGBTQ community and recognize the hardship that is involved in coming out to family and friends.

Dr. Tim Nixon is the faculty adviser for GSA and is helping the group plan and organize their panel.

“Coming Out Day is important, because even now, after all the gains we’ve experienced for LGBTQ+ individuals, staying quiet and staying closeted perpetuates bigotry and bias,” Nixon said. “When straight people have openly queer friends and family members, they are forced to question the hetero-normative programming they receive from so many sources everyday.” 

The Coming Out Panel is free and open for anyone to attend. It will be held in the Storer Ballroom on Oct. 10th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.