Color for a Cure raises $150 of Relay for Life’s $1,500 goal

Color for a Cure participants finish the event by throwing the remaining colored powder into the air (photo by Chloe Johnson)

Several dozen runners lined up Saturday for the two-mile Color for a Cure race at Shepherd University to help raise money for Relay for Life.

Color for a Cure participants continue to throw color left over from the Color for a Cure run (photo by Chloe Johnson)

The race began at Shepherd’s Wellness Center, wound it way past residential apartment buildings the football field, and ended at the dining hall, where water, fruit bars, an obstacle course and a shark bull riding machine waited.

Course volunteers doused the runners with colored powder, a tradition that comes from the Indian tradition of Holi Week, which is a festival of colors.

Christa Schwoerer (to the right with arms outstretched) and Jacob Schwoerer (to the left) are one of the first to finish the run (photo by Chloe Johnson)

Shepherd University’s Relay for Life committee are $150 closer to the $1,500 goal they hope to achieve by the end of April. If they achieve their $1,500 goal, then they will have raised $25,000 by the end of the 2018-2019 academic year.

Sunglasses were given to participants (Katya Hall pictured with sunglasses) so that no powder would get in their faces (photo by Chloe Johnson)

“There was a lot of events going around on campus today,” said Jennifer Flora, Shepherd’s director of student engagement. “We had no idea there was a spring football game scheduled today and an event for children at the tiny house on campus. If we had, we might have scheduled on a different day.”

The final toss of colored powdered occurred once all runners had finished the two-mile run (photo by Chloe Johnson)

The Relay for Life committee still has until the first week of May to complete their $1,400 goal. They will accept donations until then. For more information about donating to Shepherd’s Relay for Life committee, please visit Shepherd’s Relay for Life page at